Monday, March 8, 2010

Jimmy Buffet and the Cosmic Muffin

Catchy title eh? I read a book not too long ago that was written by Jimmy Buffet, yes, the songwriter, sailer, scalawag and drifter not only sings, produces and owns restaurants, but he also writes. And suprisingly, writes fairly well. The book I read, which is one of several actually, is "Where is Joe Merchant" and was pretty entertaining. It was definately light reading, and one of the more interesting characters in the book is a woman that lives on a house boat made from the fuselage of an old DC6. That boat was named the "Cosmic Muffin" and it, or a facimille of it, is tied up not far from where I am. I'm not sure if this boat was inspired  by the boat in the book, or if the boat in the book was based on this one, regardless, the "Cosmic Muffin" resides in Ft Lauderdale. I made a trip up this side canal today for the expressed purpose of geting a picture of this odd craft, just so I could share it with all of you here. By the way, read the book, it will give your brain a rest and keep you entertained.

Prep work for tomorrow's trip continued today, I finished up the courtesy flag for the Bahamas, and the quarantine flag as well. An interesting side note to the flag project - the book I have for making courtesy flags has the flag maker using fabric paint to do some of the smaller detail work on the flags, and one of these detail things was the Bahamanian flag that adorns the courtesy flag for the Bahamas. When I bought the fabric for flag making I did not realize this, and it turns out that I either need fabric paint, or some aquamarine colored nylon. I had neither. Sterling said he would look for some aquamarine nylon at the North Sails loft, and I figured I would hedge my bets and look for some fabric as well. There was no fabric store close by, but there was a discount clothes place not too far from where I am. So after walking up there, I was definitely suprised to find a pair of womens shorts made of-what else-aquamarine nylon. I bought them, and good thing I did, because North Sails did not have any nylon that color. The shorts were the perfect shade, and 30 minutes after I got back to the boat, I had my courtesy flag finished.

Tonight I said my goodbyes to Sven and Gabi, and Carlos and Julia. It will be sad to leave them behind, they have been really good to me, and we have all enjoyed each others company. I know Spook will miss Carlos and Julia, and they will miss her as well. Like so many other folks I have met along the way, it will be sad to leave them and finish this adventure.

I also stopped in to see my hosts Brooke and Tom, I was not sure of their schedule tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure that I gave them  my thanks and told them just how much I really do appreciate their hospitality. They have been great, and provided me with a place to tie up when I thought my stay here in Ft Lauderdale was done. I can't thank them enough for being so good to me.

So tomorrow is it. Some time around 10 Matt and I will motor down river and get to the ICW where we will meet up with David and Peg, and from there our little convoy will head down to Miami and then over to Bimini. I am finally Island bound, and am looking forward to clear water, island weather, and maybe a bit of snorkling and swimming. My next post will be from the islands, if I can get net. Until then...fair winds....

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