Friday, March 12, 2010

In the Bahamas - Great Sail, Tons of Problems, Incredible Island

I am going to make a really quick post to let everyone out there know that I have made it to Bimini and I am doing good. It was an incredible 35 hour sail, our little flotilla (Arden, Journey and Anticipation) sailed 135 miles to make a 47 mile crossing. It was quite an adventure, and a very intersting sail. In the course of the trip I had one trial after another - my dinghy got punctured and almost sank, in the course of rescuing it my life vest auto inflated and wasted a CO2 cartridge, I stepped on my sunglasses and crushed them, and the stove burner is really on the verge of dying. Last but not least, my computer succumbed to the damp sea air and died, so I am making this post from David and Peg's machine onboard Journey. I will post a more detailed and informative post tomorrow, but I am here, the weather is great, the water is incredible, and the islanders are extremely friendly and helpful. So I made it - and it is everything I thought it would be.

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efmclean said...

It Better BE!!!!!! Congratulations and hugs to everyone who went with you from us!