Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head....

Yet another rainy day here in Daytona. Not a whole lot of news to report, the weather over the last 3 days, actually make that 4, has really put a damper on any traveling (walking) and work on Arden. So the majority of my time has been spent with Sven and Gabi, and aboard Arden reading. I have also spent a bit of time at the marina bar (Sunday night was a baaaaad night) and in the marina captain's lounge.

I have had to use the captains lounge as my internet cafe, as a few days ago the USB cable for my internet antenna died. I hope to get up to Best Buy today sometime to try and get a new cable, so I can have 'net onboard again. It also seems that the net provider here at the marina has crapped out a bit, so there are a few of us in the lounge at a time doing our internet thing.

Hopefully the rain will let up and go away sometime this evening, and I plan to hit the streets trying to find some sort of employment tomorrow. I think I am going to suspend the voyage, stock up on fuel and funds, and then begin my trip back north. Not exactly the trip I had intended on, but it is the voyage I am going to have. As things change and evolve I will keep the blog updated, but I seriously doubt I will venture too much further south from where I am.

My friends Sven and Gabi, along with their kids Julia and Carlos, will be leaving tomorrow for Ft Lauderdale where they have business to conduct, and then they will be heading out to the islands. Sven has been having a local company doing some boat work for him, and that is why they have been here so long, and why their departure may be delayed just a bit. I wish I had known he needed the work done, as he is not pleased with how it is going, and I can understand why after seeing the quality of the work. No where near the quality of work we were doing up in Solomons Island.

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