Sunday, January 31, 2010

Changes in Latitude....Change in Attitude

My day yesterday evolved much differently than I had anticipated, I had fully intended to get a good bit of boat work done, some maintenance that was highly neccesary, but thanks to good old mother nature, nothing quite turned out like I had planned.

The weather yesterday developed into a very wet and nasty day, warm but with lots of rain. I left Sven and family mid morning and walked down to the farmers market, in search of some fresh veggies. By the time I got there the weather had started to deteriorate, and the vendors had started to pack up. I did manage to find some small tomatoes, ones that fit the fact that it is just me and Spook aboard, but that is about it. So I took my tomatoes and went on walk about again, and I ended up over the bridge and out on the beach front once more.

While I walked the beach, looking to see if I could sight the migrating Northern Right Whales, the rain came in, a few drops here and there, and then, a downpour. So I started to trek back to the boat in the rain, and got completely soaked. I had planned on getting to the boat by low tide, but because of the full moon the tide was running full bore, and the current was running too fast for me to careen the boat. I had to row back to Arden as the dinghy motor must have gotten some water into the fuel thanks to the heavy rain we got. Another lesson learned, do not leave the dinghy without closing the vent on the fuel tank. So against wind and current I rowed back, it was a tremendous workout, because rowing an inflatable dinghy in the wind is like trying to push a car up a hill with the parking brake on. It took a bit to get back, but thank God the rain had stopped by the time I made it to Arden. However,  I was pretty tired after 20  minutes of non stop rowing, so I pretty much decided to take it easy the rest of the day. So I read and cleaned and tried to sort a few things out while I rested, and came to the realization that I really need to stop for a bit and try to generate some funds. The sailing kitty is about empty, and I have a few personal things to take care of as well, so I might just be here in north/central Florida for a bit while I take care of these things.

This morning I was awoken by a brisk breeze from the north / northeast, and the boat was rocking pretty hard. It had cooled down considerably, and was just as ugly out this morning as it was beautiful yesterday morning. Very grey, very windy and quite choppy on the river. So today does not look like a good day to get any boat work done either.

I am not sure if I will stay in Daytona, or venture a bit further south, but today I will run a few errands, get a paper, and look for a job of some sort. I don't have any intention of staying here too long, just long enough to put together a few things, and I will need to start back north in another month or so.

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