Monday, January 25, 2010

Its a Small World....

One thing I have often heard is that the cruising sailing community is fairly small, you bump into or meet someone at X marina at Y town, and you are bound to bump into them again somewhere further down the line. This has been true to a small extent so far, bumping into Roger Wells and the S/V Peter Rabbit, and David Schaanke and the S/V Journey, but that was expected, as we only left each other 2 days prior. Yesterday was an incredible example of this though, I bumped into Jon Scott, a guy I had worked with on boats up in Norfolk about 7 years ago. I walked into the marina lounge to see when the football game started, asked the nearest guy, and when he turned around to answer, it was Jon. We were both kind of shocked, and were saying "holy S#!+, what are you doing here?" Turns out he was delivering a boat to the marina here from Norfolk. We spent a good part of the day catching up, and believe me there was alot of catching up to do after 7 years.

On Saturday night I was treated to dinner by Ali's sister Sharon and her husband Tim, who were accompanied by their daughter and a friend. This was a planned thing, sort of, and once again it kinda fits the small world scenario, Tim works for a company that builds bridges, and turns out I passed under the bridge he is working on while making my passage out of Beaufort, SC. (remember, that is Bewfert, not Bowfort) We had a great dinner, at a great seafood place (where else) here in St Augustine. They live just down the coast a bit, and I will probably be stopping by on my way further south. It really was a good evening, and we talked about a million different things and about my sail and her sister. (yes Ali, we talked about you) Really kind of capped off my layover here in St Augustine.

Yesterday I was looking over the notices to mariners, something that the Army Corps of Engineers or the Coast Guard puts out, and I was dismayed to find that the Bridge of Lions here in St. Augustine would be closed for a week, starting today! If I didn't get through the bridge at first light, I would be stuck on the northern end of St. Augustine. So I was up before day break getting ready, and got under way just as the bridge opened. I was the only one going through, so I suppose you could say I barely made it before the passageway was locked down for a week. I stopped in at the marina, topped off on fuel, and grabbed a hot shower, and Spook did her thing as well. We were allowed to stay tied up on the fuel dock while doing this, the guys there were nice enough to do this, because I had purchased a dinghy pass Sunday, and that entitles you to use of all the facilities, the laundry and lounge until noon the following day. Not bad really considering it is $10 a day plus tax, even though their rate is less for a month's use, it is still kind of pricey (especially on my budget) when you think though that it is about the only way to legally tie up the dinghy and make landfall on the waterfront. Welcome to Florida, where every boat not on a mooring or dock is viewed as a potential derelict.

So this morning it looks like I will head a bit further south, do about 30 or so miles and do a bit of visiting. Looks like it is going to shape up into a good day, after quite a blow yesterday and last night. The boat is fueled, the water tank is full, and the laundry is all clean again, as am I, so off we go yet again.

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