Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Isle of Palms

Now doesn't that just bring to mind images of sand, surf and palm trees? And that one lost ingredient - warmth. This morning I am just about to set off from Georgetown, SC, and the next stop is Isle of Palms, which is about 5 miles north of Charleston. There is a drawbridge just north of Charleston that has an odd opening schedule, it does not open between 4 and 6 PM, and that is about when we would get there. So instead of pushing too hard and ending up in the busy Charleston harrbor in the dark, we are going to pull up early and stay in Isle of Palms.

The temps continue be absolutely arctic, this morning my thermometer out on deck read 24, and it was 38 in the cabin when I woke up. Luckily the sleeping bag is really really warm. The record high for the day was 79, and the record low here was 16. I wish we were experiencing the high, but I am glad we are not experiencing the record low, it is plenty cold here as it is. Heck, right now I'd be ecstatic if we could reach the average daily temp of 59.

Georgetown is an old southern port city, and the entire downtown is a historic district, with lots of very old homes and business buildings. It was also a huge rice producing area, and there are still quite a few rice plantations in operation. It was very enjoyable to walk around town, and most of the folks here are very nice. Yesterday morning I asked the dockmaster at Harbor Walk Marina where I could get kerosene and where the nearest laundromat was. He gave me directions to the filling station, and then told me to use the laundry at the marina. I explained I was out on the hook, and visiting with Clay and Mary who were docked. He said not to worry, go ahead and use the facilities at the marina. I thought that considering I was not tied up there, that that offer was really nice, and it was typical of my experience here.

Off we go again, in search of warmer temps. From what I gather, if it remains the way it is, and it will for a few more days, it just might be well into Florida before we warm up at all.

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