Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bewfort South Carolina

OK, I know that I misspelled Beaufort in the title, but, I am trying to emphasise that the folks here in Beaufort do not live in Bowfort, and they will let you know that in a heart beat. They are quick to let you know that Bowfort is in NC, and Bewfort is where we are in SC. Did ya know that a whole bunch of Forrest Gump was filmed here? Or that the seeds of Secession were sown here, more so than in Charleston? Or that 24 years ago I stepped off a train here, and got on a bus on my way to Parris Island, which by the way, I will be passing in the morning.

This town has a ton of history, and at least in the downtown historic district, seems to have many more large, fancy southern houses than does Charleston. I hope to have battery enough on the laptop to get pictures loaded on this post, if there are no pictures when this publishes, it is because I ran out of battery, and didn't get them loaded in time.

I am anchored off of the Beaufort City Marina, and have been in and out of their docks to walk Spook, do laundry, shower, and just be a tourist. Lots of walking, yesterday it was about 4 miles or more, just ambling around, looking at history, taking pictures, and then making my way out to the Piggly Wiggly for a few food items - need more butter to make more cookies.

Again I have been impressed with southern hospitality. The dock master didn't mind me tying up to the fuel dock, they aren't busy now, so as long as I was not hanging out 24/7 he didn't mind. I got the code for the showers, the laundry was open to the public, and Spook had a great chance to run and get her walk in. Really nice facility here, but my gosh the tidal current here is something else.

Had a bit of trouble with the outboard again last night, I knew my Manteo outboard fix was kind of a temperary patch, so now I have to formulate a more long term fix, and get it all back together again. I've been rowing my butt off against this current, I almost need to time my trips to shore with the tides, and man I am getting a work out. I have all the parts ready to put back on the windvane, so it all gets mounted today in preparation to getting underway tomorrow or in the next day or 2. I may go down stream just a bit farther to Port Royal, but whether I do or I don't, once leave Port Royal Sound, I will be Florida bound - on the outside. Right now as it stands the winds are slight and will be tomorrow, and the seas are calm. North East winds Friday, and East winds on Sat, so the seas will be building - 2-3 foot on Friday and 3-4 feet or so on Saturday.

Clay and Mary caught up with me late yesterday afternoon, I got here right around noon, they arrived just after 4. We had breakfast together this morning, and Clay is trying to get his auto helm fixed so they can go out. I think we will go out around the same time, safety in numbers kind of thing, and it is reassuring to know that there is another boat nearby if you have troubles. I will be fairly close to the coast, so hopefully (crossing fingers) I will have cell signal.

So before I lose battery power, I am going to be underway again shortly, I will make a flurry of phone calls before I head out, to let those that need to know that I am indeed on the way.
The pictures shown here have been loaded after the fact, in another coffee shop, after a long day of working on the boat.

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