Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oriental Town Dock

Mom brought to my attention that Arden was on the Oriental Town Dock webcam. Here are a few pictures of her there. I have spent the day cleaning, organizing, and straightening up, and have had alot of folks come by looking at the boat and asking about her - what she is, where I am heading, where I came from, and on and on and on. Feeling just a bit lonely today, despite all the folks coming by, call it the winter blues, hopefully it goes away soon.

Found out from a guy over in Matthews, which is across the river, that the city marina in Morehead City has the cheapest fuel in the area, so I am going to put off getting fuel until I get there, as funds for the month of Dec are running pretty low, and having to buy a phone is not going to help that out at all. I am not sure what I am going to do about keeping the phone dry, but I sure can't afford to have another one get wet. I think this makes 3 dead phones for the year, all due to dunking, 2 went into the drink altogether and were lost, and now this one got wet. I suppose I need a waterproof phone that floats, and is made by Motorola, and is supported by the Boost network. Not too tall of an order, but I know if it exists, it would be damn expensive. But the good news is, once I get to Morehead City, the Boost network has pretty good coverage, all up and down the coast, including the entire state of Florida.

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