Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that - The Haves and Have Nots

Tonight I sat down to write, and really can't narrow down what it is to write about in general, so this will probably be a bit of a hodge podge of random thoughts, ideas and observations.

The other day while my boss and I were bringing a boat around to the boatyard, we both made an observation at just about the same time - if there was ever one thing that could absolutely distinguish between those that have and those that don't, it is the world of boats. It is easy to assume that those that have the huge boats, the mega yatchs, the big cruisers and the like, are in the category of the "haves", while those that have small run abouts, daysailers the odd john boat and such are in the category of the "have nots". At first I thought this myself, and agreed with it, but all of that is relative. Kind of like old Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol", I would just about bet that the "haves" with their big ungainly boats, just don't have as much fun out there on the water as the "have nots". How can boating be fun, when there is nothing to it? Between the cruise control, the autopilot and the paid crew, how much fun can flaunting the size of your wallet really be? Or having to make a million preparations just to clear the dock for an afternoon sail or run on the river? I have seen more genuinely happy people out there in relatively small boats having an absolute blast, with just what they have. So where does that put me? I guess I might fall into the category of the "have somes", but I know when I am undersail, be it for a longer cruise or just a weekend sail, I am really happy and feel genuinely fortunate to have what I have.

Speaking of having some, I wanted to make note of the fact that I have some really great people out there supporting me and pulling for me, and helping me along the way. I'd like to especially tip my hat to a few folks that have really helped and made all this possible.

First off I'd like to wish a happy birthday to my sister, tomorrow she turns _ _ and I would like to wish her a great day. This blog is entirely possible thanks to her setting it up and kicking me in the butt to write. I'd also like to say thanks for all the hospitality she and her family (Stuart, Callie, Andrew, Emily..and Cleo the Cat) have extended me and Spook during the past 8 months here - some great meals, a laundry, the ability to get in out of the wet, and a place to sew. Thanks Liz, and happy birthday.

I'd also like to thank my Mom and Dad - I'd like to thank my mom for worrying about me, God knows someone needs to, and for just being my mom, and to my Dad for offering insight and being there when I needed a hand. I don't think I'd have a love for the ocean and boats like I do if it weren't for my mom and dad.

I really have to say thanks to Gary and Alice, without them all this would still be a dream - courtesy of them I have a this wonderful boat - my magic carpet ready to take me off to far away lands and great adventures. She really is a great boat, and I can't thank them enough for her.

Beth and Mike, thanks for being there, for still accepting me, and for a great dog and a good horse, it has been a long ride and sometimes a bumpy one at that. I know I have thanked you guys before, but I figured I'd just say it one more time.

To my friend Ali, for lending an ear and a great cold remedy, and for having patience. I promise there will be a cup of coffee or two, and maybe a beer and a rueben. Thank you for the great stories, and a good laugh when I really needed it.

It is almost time to go, and I would suppose a bit of the butterflies are starting to settle in, I know there are so many things left to do, but they will come in their own time I suppose, Arden is definitely more capable now than the was a year ago, and she was probably ready to go then. I would say that a boat is a never ending evolution, as you go along you find things that could be done differently or better, or see some great idea you just have to use on some other boat. I guess there are always loose ends to tie up.

Arden's engine water pump came in today, I suppose it will be installed tomorrow during lunch, it really is not that hard a job - 5 bolts, a gasket, one hose and a gallon of antifreeze - but the trouble that could have caused underway.... I was reminded once again at just how expensive boat life can be at times, it seems that anything with the word "marine" tacked on it seems to cost 5 times what it would for a car or a house or anything else in this world. I guess I was lucky finding the water pump for $225, I was quoted $718 from one outlet and $528 from another. I guess when it all is said and done I could have made do and just sailed, but I do need the engine for charging batteries if nothing else. I'm not quite sure if I am good enough yet to sail into the slip, if I had to I suppose I'd make it happen, but I am much relieved to have an engine in good health again.

Well I guess that will wrap it up for the evening, Spook says it is time to go for that last walk for the night, God knows she will wrestle with me for half the night if we don't go burn off a bit of that energy.

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