Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Cast of Characters

Ok, from time to time someone other than me (Capn Jack) or Spook may enter
into the blog. Current prime candidates are:

Gary - a sail boat enthusiast of the most magnanimous magnitude. Gary loves all boats - big boats, tall boats, odd boats and small boats. I think more than anything though, Gary likes working on boats, and taking something from his mind, putting it on paper, and then making it happen to the current project boat. Gary is married to Alice, and together, they were the previous owners of Arden. Every boat Gary sailed, tinkered, toyed with or been associated with has been a tribute to Alice. (Sweet Pea, Little Alice, and my own Arden) Gary is friends with Jerry, who happens to be Dad. See Alice, Dad (Jerry), Edenton.

Liz - My sister, and occaisional sailor. Blogger and the force behind this blog. Comes with me on bay sails and day sails. Liz wants a boat really bad, but sailing on Arden seems to be a fix for that for now.

Dad - (Jerry, Jeremy) If there is anyone that is at the true root of my boat addiction, it is Dad. Gary fed it, (see Gary) but Dad started it. As I grew up we built 2 boats, and always had a supply of boating, sailing, and boat building books and magazines on hand to fuel the need. I think the one true source for my problem was dad's subscription to Wooden Boat Magazine. Then there was the sail when I was 12 on the Bass River during a Cape Cod vacation....and the rest is history. Dad is Married to Mom, (see Mom, Sheila) and friends with Gary and Alice.

Mom - (Sheila) Mom loves the water, mom also loves Dad. I'm not sure if mom really loves to sail, but she does it because we do. There were adventures in Annapolis with Dad on the Flying Tern, and misadventures in Beaver Creek with dad and I. She has patiently put up with more shenanigans and misadventures because of us than most moms should. Most famous quote: "Jerry.....!!" See Dad, Jerry

Alice - (see Gary) Alice and Gary were the owners of Arden, and she is the namesake of not only my boat, but every boat that I know of that Gary has owned, had parked in his driveway or has worked on in the backyard. Alice is definitely Gary's bonding system, and together they are definitely a pair, having nutured my dreams and aspirations of sailing, and helping me along the way. I think Alice likes to sail the way Gary likes to work on boats.

Spook - First Canine. Spook is a boating natural, having taken to the boat like a duck to water. She has also taken to the water like a....rock in a puddle. Has her own lifevest, and harness, and is the Spokesmodel for Nautipaws nautical pet accesories. Will be the cruising companion of choice.

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efmclean said...

Characters - you said it - the biggest character of the bunch! xo,